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Oyama is one of the leading partners in linfluence since joined the firm and overseeing the market of Asia. He is one of the first people to walk the firm through to Asia with his thoughtful technology trends and various business models. He has wide experience in navigating large organizations for partnerships and collaborations. 

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Senior Associate
Dr.Hironobu Odagiri

Dr Odagiri is one of the key member of the firm and has been responsible for the foundation of linfluence since 2014 in raising funds and he has almost $300Million fund under his management. Dr Odagiri leads the technology practice within the firm and is responsible for investor relations in Asia.


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Agha Siddiquie

Siddiquie has over 10 years of architectural experience in evaluating and deploying large scale enterprise and industry technologies. He has developed deep experience across multiple industry verticals and United States and European region.